There's nothing traditional about this

Good Food, Coffee & Bakery

We took a recipe of more than 100 years old and adapted it to meet the new and evolving tastes of the modern world.

Now this famous cone, whilst still retaining the basic original secret ingredients is brimming with various flavours, both sweet and savory. Our goal is to follow todays gastronomical trends but still retaining the tratidional preparation method. We make delicious chimney cakes filled with our homemade gelato, topped with strawberries, whipped cream and other delicasies that are just irresisteble.

Prague, Czechia

Located in the heart of the old centre of Prague. Enjoying high traffic of people, but diferentiating itself from the neighboring retail units with innovative design and atmosphere.

Manama, Bahrain

Bahrain, the country of the two seas, is probably better known as the home of America’s Gulf 5 th Fleet today. It’s a beautiful island country and tourism is growing exponentially. Maybe the new pearls are Good Food’s fabulous Chimney Cakes.

Xiamen, China

Next stop for Good Food Coffee and Bakery is Xiamen. A sub-provincial cit y in southeastern Fujian, China. Now the world largest population can enjoy our traditional Prague chimney cake.